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Zimmermann, B. M., (2024). Swiss residents’ information behavior perceptions during the COVID-19 pandemic: A longitudinal qualitative study . Social Science & Medicine, 344. DOI: .
Machado, H., de Freitas, C., Fiske, A., Radhuber, I., Silva, S., Grimaldo-Rodríguez, C. O., Botrugno, C., Kinner, R., & Marelli, L. (2024). Performing publics of science in the COVID-19 pandemic: A qualitative study in Austria, Bolivia, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Portugal. Public Understanding of Science, 0(0). DOI:
Fiske, A.; Radhuber, I. M.; Salvador, C. F.; Araújo, E. R.; Jasser, M.; Saxinger, G.; Zimmermann, B. M.; & Prainsack, B; (2024). Don’t waste the crisis: The COVID-19 Anthropause as an experiment for rethinking human–environment relations . Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, 0(0). DOI: 10.1177/25148486231221017.
Schönweitz, F.B.; Zimmermann, B.M.; Hangel, N.; Fiske, A.; McLennan, S; Sierawska, A.; Buyx, A. (2024). Solidarity and reciprocity during the COVID-19 pandemic: a longitudinal qualitative interview study from Germany . BMC Public Health 24(23). DOI:
Geiger, S., Galasso, I., Hangel, N. et al. (2023). Vulnerability and Response-Ability in the Pandemic Marketplace: Developing an Ethic of Care for Provisioning in Crisis . Journal of Business Ethics. Published online first: 23 October 2023. DOI:
Johnson, S.; Robert, S.; Hayes, S.; Fiske, A.; Lucivero, F.; McLennan, S; Phillips, A.; Samuel, G. & Prainsack, B. (2023). Understanding Pandemic Solidarity: Mutual Support During the First COVID-19 Lockdown in the United Kingdom . Public Health Ethics, phad024. Published online first: 9 December 2023. DOI:
Silva S.; Machado, H.; Galasso, I.; Zimmermann, B. M.; Botrugno, C. (2023). Narratives about distributed health literacy during the COVID-19 pandemic . Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine. Published online first: 14 December 2023. DOI:
Radhuber, I.M., Fiske, A., Galasso, I., Gessl, N., Hill, M.D., Morales, E.R., Olarte-Sánchez, L.E., Pelfini, A., Saxinger, G., Spahl, W. (2023). Toward global citizenship? People (de)bordering their lives during COVID-19 in Latin America and Europe.. Global Public Health 18/1. DOI:
Kieslich, K.; Fiske, A.; Gaille, M. et al. (2023). Solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic: evidence from a nine-country interview study in Europe. Medical Humanities Published Online First: 05 June 2023. DOI:
Radhuber, I. M.; Haddad, C.; Kieslich, K.; Paul, K. T.; Prainsack, B.; El-Sayed, S.; Schlögl, L.; Spahl, W. & Weiss, E. (2023). Citizenship in times of crisis: biosocial state–citizen relations during COVID-19 in Austria. BioSocieties. DOI:
Zimmermann, B.; Paul, K. T.; Araújo, E. R.; Buyx, A.; Ferstl, S.; Fiske, A.; Kraus, D.; Marelli, L.; McLennan, S.; Porta, V.; Prainsack, B.; Radhuber, I. M. & Saxinger, G. (2023). The social and socio-political embeddedness of COVID-19 vaccination decision-making: A five-country qualitative interview study from Europe . Vaccine, available online 16 February 2023. DOI:
Galasso, I. & Watts, G. (2022),Inequalities in the Challenges Affecting Children and their Families during COVID-19 with School Closures and Reopenings: A Qualitative Study.  Public Health Ethics,2022;, phac030, DOI:
Wagenaar, H.; Kieslich, K.; Hangel, N.; Zimmermann, B. & Prainsack, B. (2022), Collaborative comparisons: A pragmatist approach towards designing large-scale, comparative qualitative research. SSM - Qualitative Research in Health, Volume 2, 2022, 100172, ISSN 2667-3215, DOI:
Schönweitz, F. B.; Eichinger, J.; Kuiper, J. M. L.; Ongolly, F.; Spahl, W.; Prainsack, B. & Zimmermann, B.  (2022). The social meanings of artefacts: Face masks in the COVID-19 pandemicFront. Public Health 0:789. DOI: .
Jasser, M.; Radhuber, I. M.; Prainsack, B.; Saxinger, G. & Kieslich, K. (2022): Zur Rolle der Wissenschaft in Pandemien: Für eine interdisziplinäre, transregionale und solidarische Forschung. Sozialwissenschaftliche Rundschau 1/2022, 79-98.
Zimmermann, B.; Wagenaar, H.; Kieslich, K.; Prainsack, B.; Meyers, G.; Buyx, A.; El-Sayed, S.; Fiske, A.; Galasso, I.; Geiger, S.; Hangel, N.; Horn, R.; Johnson, S.B.; Kuiper, J. M. L.; Lucivero, F.; McLennan, S.; Paul, K. T.; Pot, M.; Radhuber, I. M.; Samuel, G.; Sharon, T.; Siffels, L.; Van Hoyweghen, I.; Awad, S.; Bourgeron, T.; Eichinger, J.; Gaille, M.; Haddad, C.; Hayes, S.; Hoffman, A.; Jasser, M.; Kenens, J.; Lanzing, M.; Libert, S.; Lievevrouw, E.; Marelli, L.; Ongolly, F.; Phillips, A.; Pinel, C.; Riesinger, K.; Roberts, S.; Saxinger, G.; Schlögl, L.; Schönweitz, F.; Sierawska, A.; Spahl, W.; Stendahl, E.; Vanstreels, S.; Vidolov, S. & Weiss, E. (2022): Democratic research: Setting up a research commons for a qualitative, comparative, longitudinal interview study during the COVID-19 pandemic. SSM - Qualitative Research in Health. Volume 2, 2022. 100158. ISSN2667-3215. DOI:
Fiske, A.; Schönweitz, F.; Eichinger, J.; Zimmermann, B.; Hangel, N.; Sierawska, A.; McLennan, S. & Buyx, A. (2022): The COVID-19 Vaccine: Trust, doubt, and hope for a future beyond the pandemic in Germany. Plos One. 
Johnson, S. B.; Lucivero, F.; Zimmermann, B.; Stendahl, E.; Samuel, G.; Philipps, A. & Hangel, N. (2022): Ethical Reasoning During a Pandemic: Results of a Five Country European Study. AJOB EmpiricalBioethics.
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Hangel, N.; Schönweitz, F.; McLennan, S.; Fiske, A.; Zimmermann, B. & Buyx, A. (2022): Solidaristic behavior and its limits: A qualitative study about German and Swiss residents’ behaviors towards public health measures during COVID-19 lockdown in April 2020. SSM - Qualitative Researchin Health Vol. 2/2022, 100051. 
Spahl, W.; Pot, M. & Paul, K. T. (2022): Understanding compliance as multi-faceted: values and practices during the COVID-19 pandemic in Austria. Critical PublicHealth. DOI: 10.1080/09581596.2022.2039379.
Paul, K. T.; Zimmermann, B.; Corsico, P.; Fiske, A.; Geiger, S.; Johnson, S. B.; Kuiper, J. M. L.; Lievevrouw, E.; Marelli, L.; Prainsack, B.; Spahl, W. & Van Hoyweghen, I. (2021): Anticipating hopes, fears and expectations towards COVID-19 vaccines: A qualitative interview study in seven European countries. SSM - Qualitative Research in Health 2022 Dec; 2: 100035.
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Lievevrouw, E.; Siffels, L. & Lanzing, M. (2021). Een vernieuwd vertrouwen in Big Tech? De Techno-tango tussen Europa en Big Tech in de ontwikkeling van COVID-19-contactopsporingapps. Filosofie - Tijdschrift “Wetenschap, politiek en ethiek vanCOVID-19”, jrg. 31, nr. 6, november-december 2021, pp. 27-31.
Meyers, G. (2021). ‘Er is nog veel niet geweten’ Solidariteit in het licht van onzekerheid. Filosofie - Tijdschrift“Wetenschap, politiek en ethiek van COVID-19”, jrg. 31, nr. 6, november-december 2021, pp. 10-13.
Horstman, K. & Van Hoyweghen, I. (2021). Wetenschap en politiek in tijden van onzekerheid. Filosofisch-sociologische reflecties op COVID-19. Filosofie - Tijdschrift “Wetenschap, politiek en ethiek van COVID-19”, jrg. 31,nr. 6, november-december 2021, pp. 2-4.
Zimmermann, B.; Eichinger, J.; Schönweitz, F. & Buyx, A. (2021). Face mask uptake in the absence of mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic: a qualitative interview study with Swiss residents. BMC Public Health 21, 2171 (2021). DOI: .
Radhuber, I. M. & Jasser, M. (2021). Covid-19, naturaleza y colonialidad para pensar el proyecto “Solidaridad en tiempos de una pandemia” SolPan+ América Latina. BoletínSenti-pensarnos Tierra. Año 2 – Número #4: Crisis civilizatoria. Pactos y/o transiciones desde elecologismo popular. Parte 2, Junio 2021.
Zimmermann, B.; Fiske, A.; McLennan, S.; Sierawska, A.; Hangel, N. & Buyx, A. (2021). Motivations and Limits for COVID-19 Policy Compliance in Germany and Switzerland. International Journal of Health Policy and Management, DOI: .
Wagenaar, H. & Prainsack, B. (2021). SPROUTs of Hope in Times of Crisis. EASST Review 40 (1).
Lucivero, F.; Marelli, L.; Hangel, N.; Zimmermann, B.; Prainsack, B.; Galasso, I.; Horn, R.; Kieslich, K.; Lanzing, M.; Lievevrouw, E.; Ongolly, F.; Samuel, G.; Sharon, T.; Siffels, L.; Stendahl, E. & Van Hoyweghen, I. (2021). Normative positions towards COVID-19 contact-tracing apps: Findings from a large-scale qualitative study in nine European Countries. Critical Public Health, DOI: .
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Gaille, M.; Terral, P.; Askenazy, P.; Aubry, R.; Bergeron, H. et al. (2020). Les sciences humaines et sociales face à la première vague de la pandémie de Covid-19 -Enjeux et formes de la recherche. [Rapport derecherche] Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique; Université Toulouse III - Paul Sabatier.


Other materials:

SolPan Consortium (2021). Interview Guide 'Solidarity in Times of a Pandemic'. SSRN, 11 April 2021.

SolPan Consortium (2021). Codebook 'Solidarity in Times of a Pandemic'. SSRN, 30 January 2021.