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  • How do contemporary ideas around data governance affect distribution of power and resources?
  • What are the limitations of open data governance for addressing global imbalances in scientific research capacity? How can complementary measures support inclusive science?
  • How can we improve the public value of the ways in which digital data is used?
  • Is current policy and legislation appropriate to govern digital health platforms? What additional policy instruments and measures are needed?

The Research Platform "Governance of Digital Practices" brings together researchers from the political science, law, STS and operations research to study these questions covering many fields of practice and policy. 




Paying people for their data is a bad idea, argue Barbara Prainsack and Nikolaus Forgó in a new article in Nature Medicine 

In a recent article in the renowned journal Nature Medicine, Barbara Prainsack and Nikolaus Forgó argue against the proposal that individual people should be paid for their data by the companies using the data. What may seem a fair solution at first glance would increase inequalities and make privacy a service that only the wealthy can afford. Data taxes and other corporate taxes are a much better way to ensure that some of the profits that companies obtain with people’s data are returned to people and communities.


In February 2022, our first virtual interdisciplinary Winter School took place: "Taming the iMonster: Regulating digital platforms". More information

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What does democracy mean in the digital age? Currently, we are organising a new lecture series on the topic "Practicing Democracy in the Digital Age" that will take place during the winter semester 2022. Details on the schedule and registration

How is society being governed by digital technologies, and how are digital technologies themselves (to be) governed? This question stood at the centre of our first DigiGov Lecture Series @ University of Vienna. During the winter semester 2021, we hosted numerous lectures with excellent speakers. Watch the recordings



Research Platform Governance of Digital Practices

This Research Platform brings together researchers from the social sciences, law, and operations research to study and improve the governance of digital practices.

Digital practices refer to all social, political, scientific and economic practices that create, use, or modify digital technologies. Our focus on the governance of digital practices enables us to analyse both how digital practices themselves are shaped and regulated, and how people, places and populations are governed through digital practices.

The platform’s doctoral projects follow this approach. They do so by exploring the governance of digital mental health care, the FAIR data principles, and data-intensive scientific practices in marine biology. Our affiliate doctoral researchers focus on ethics in computational social sciences, on the digitisation of education and the right to personal development of children, and on the governance of digital health platforms.

Members of the platform work on analytic and normative questions related to knowledge work, digital platforms and digital health. They study the factors that give shape to digital practices and also work towards developing new solutions for governing digital practices.

This is particularly important in cases where digital practices lead to inequities, exclusion or discrimination. At the same time, good governance of digital practices has the potential to enhance equity and strengthen democracy.