SolPan Blog

On this site you will find findings from the SolPan project in a series of blog posts from different country teams.

The SolPan study examines how people in ten European countries deal with the restrictions and challenges during the pandemic. In two interview phases (phase 1: April 2020; phase 2: October 2020), the SolPan team spoke to the same amount of people from different social groups in each country on the phone to hear about their everyday life, and their views on the pandemic containment measures. The third interview phase takes place in October 2021.

The latest findings from the study are regularly presented in the blog posts listed below:


The SolPan team from the University College Dublin (UCD) published new findings from the first round of interviews.


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Since the beginning of November 2020, Austria has been in a second "lockdown" due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The restrictions are not (yet) as...